Another year’s End of Season Awards Night is now over, and the owners of the Smith Recycling MK Lightning, Graham and Monica Moody, would like like to thank everyone who has helped the organisation this season.

On every single day of the season – not just match days – there is a small army of people who have a role to play in helping to get the team onto the ice.  The work that many of these people do, means they might ‘see’ some of the match – but don’t always get to watch it in detail and enjoy it as supporters do.

Supporters will be familiar with the hi viz-jacketed members of the Supporters’ Club who sell tickets for 50-50, the shirt raffle and Funky Duckling chuck a duck at home matches, raising thousands of pounds of backing for the organisation.  Fans will also know the friendly faces behind the Supporters’ Club stand on home matchnights, taking orders and selling merchandise.  But there is also the less visible off-ice team whose work is also vital in keeping MKL functioning – on weekdays as well as matchdays.

From the match night host to matchnight co-ordinators, VIP tickets team, media liaison and website design; to the matchnight DJ and Lightning TV; from the timekeepers’ bench to the goal judges and penalty box staff and all the other roles inbetween, far too numerous to mention – all those people are vital to the smooth running of our Elite League ice hockey team.

Thank you to every person who has given their time and energy for the Lightning this season, we look forward to working with you again in 2018-19.