Local business Kubo Recruitment has returned to sponsor MK Lightning as well as MK Storm for another season – we got to know them a little better, asked them what prompted them to sponsor the two teams and found out how Kubo can help supporters and businesses.

So we are in the Elite League this year – thank you for your continued support by sponsoring the away shirt for Jordan Hedley!

Yes, it’s great to keep up with the sponsorship, especially with a local team that is doing so well. We are pleased to be continuing to sponsor the away shirt for Jordan Hedley and we hope it brings him good luck. It looks like it’s going to be an exciting year in the Elite League for the team and the fans too.

As a local business we also hope that our support and through marketing this will get our name out there and open up some opportunities with local companies to support their recruitment.
More importantly, you are one of our only sponsors who also supports our Youth teams.

We understand that supporting the youth teams isn’t necessarily the best way to promote our company as this kind of is sponsorship often goes under the marketing radar, but we feel so strongly about supporting the youngsters in our community, without the youth teams where would the next up and coming players come from?

The youth teams need to feel part of a team and we strongly believe that providing a customised kit promotes that sense of belonging and creates true pride and team spirit. I believe this is the first training kit the youth team have had. It would be great to see some of those youngsters coming through the ranks and ending up in the Elite League one day.

Your turn, Kubo Recruitment……….tell us about you!

We are a local recruitment company based just outside of Buckingham and we have been around since 2012. We have been extremely successful over the past few years recruiting specifically for the Life Sciences Sectors around Europe and the US. Having been approached by some local companies to support their recruitment we decided to expand our services. All of our team have a great network locally and to this end we have been able to support local business for positions within the Businesses & Administration fields, although we are not limited to a given area.

What can you offer local businesses?

We understand that each business is different and therefore we offer tailored solutions not only in the type of services we offer but also with payment schedules. We have a strong database of candidates looking for new challenges that is growing all the time. All we need from an employer is an accurate role profile or job description in order for us to market a job role effectively. If the client is willing, and most do see the benefits, we like to meet face to face and get a real feel for a company and their current team. The technicalities of a role are obviously important, the personality fit is equally important.

What can you offer those businesses that haven’t used a recruitment company before?

We are proud to be able to set ourselves apart from other recruitment companies. Our team are highly experienced and we passionately believe in providing both candidates and employers with a service we can be proud of. Through our rigorous screening process only candidates that match the job description technically and logistically are submitted to the client.

In fact, one of our missions is that our ratio of candidate submittal to interview is close to 100%. In short, when we submit a candidate, the client will interview, saving your company time and money whilst giving you access to candidates that you may not normally reach.

We would welcome any opportunities to demonstrate our capabilities!
Our contact details:
Kubo Recruitment Ltd
Maids Moreton House, Maids Moreton, Buckingham MK18 1SW
Email: HR@kuborecruitment.com
Tel: 01280 811389


Please quote “MKL” to receive a discount and with successful placements we will provide a family ticket to your chosen MKL game this season!