It really has been an amazing 14 years here, and such a big part of my life!
When I signed here as a 19
 year old I never thought I would be here for so long and I will always be grateful to the people who allowed that to happen: Pooley, Vito, Harry, Pete and John, thanks for continuing to have me back!

It’s a nice feeling to know that whenever I come back to the rink and look up at those banners I know I have helped out a little to win 8 out of the 9 hanging up there, but none of it would have been possible without the great team mates I have had over the years –
it’s been a pleasure playing alongside every one of you.

When I first arrived there was a special atmosphere in the room set by the older lot, like Wooders and Dino, and I like to think we have kept that over the years which has made it a great place for players to play.Finally a big thanks to the amazing fans who have always made me and my family welcome, it really has been an honour playing in front of you, captaining the team and representing our city and sharing all the great times with you.

I would like to wish Pete and the whole club good luck in the future.
For me, it’s time for a fresh new challenge, I look forward to seeing you all at the rink in the future.

Thanks again,