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Summer Hockey League is back!

Need a hockey fix?  MK summer hockey league starts up again next week! Players from all of MK’s teams and clubs will be coming together weekly over the close season to compete for the Summer Cup and spectators are welcome – no entrance fee!

The competition gets underway on Thursday  4th June with Flames vs Leafs at 7.30pm, followed by Habs vs Senators at 8.30pm.

£10 per person per game playing fee

Nightly specials in the bar for all players and spectators + NHL on Sky.

The teams are confirmed as follows:

Leafs (blue uniform)

Michael Farn

Ben Russell

Nidal Philips

Harrison Goode

Matty Roberts (ex Thunder)

Lewis Clifford

Jacques L’homme (Storm Wreck)

Glen Trivett (ex juniors)

Andy Watt (MK Jesters)

Andy Slevin (Storm Wreck)

Sam Goode (Storm Wreck)

Bradley Kelly (juniors)

Chris Mayhew (Storm Wreck)

Flames (red uniform)

Lewis Christie

Nick Poole (MK Lightning)

Josh Nicklin

Rob Adams (Hurricanes)

Hallden Barnes-Garner (juniors)

Andy Crichton-Smith (MK Rumble)

Nick Mentiply (MK Hurricanes)

Lewis Fox

Stewart Haynes (MK Jesters)

Tom Gamba (MK Hurricanes)

Sam Brunt (Storm Wreck)

Lloyd Weslowych (Storm Wreck)

Joe Harpers (Storm Wreck)

Steve Snelling (Storm Wreck)

Habs – (White uniform)

Adam Carr (MK Lightning)

Grant McPherson (MK Lightning)

Jamie Line (MK Thunder)

Joe Edwards (Oxford)

Josh Florey (Oxford)

Adam Harris (Oxford)

Mike Lucas (Hurricanes)

Graham Clarke (MK Jesters)

Kevin Jakins (MK Jesters)

Ed Bavister (Storm Wreck)

David Guy (Storm Wreck)

Grant Lee (MK Jesters)

Tom Edwards (MK Jesters)

Adam Pykett

Senators (black uniform)

Ross Bowers (MK Thunder)

Leigh Jamieson (MK Lightning)

Paul Gore (MK Thunder)

Tom Castle (MK Thunder)

Tommy Mboya (MK Thunder)

Jake Southwood (MK Storm)

Jon Lester

Sam Burger (MK Falcons)

Steve Greenaway (MK Jesters)

Dan Gregory (MK Jesters)

Paul Southwood (MK Rumble)

Kyle Lawrence (Storm Wreck)

Tom Beasley (Storm Wreck)

Lewis Mayhew (Storm Wreck)