Meet Manuele Dalle Ave Lightnings new equiptment manager

Meet Manuele Dalle Ave – Lightning’s new Equipment Manager

Firstly, welcome to Milton Keynes! How do you feel about joining us at the Lightning?

I’m so excited to be part of MK’s family next season and I look forward to meeting and working with the team.

After speaking with Doug, what was it that made you want to join MK?

My first impressions after I spoke with Doug? Well, he was very positive. He told me very good things about the team. I like the ideas he has – not just for this season but for further ahead. I am excited to be a part of his team!

Have you been to the UK before? What do you know about British Hockey already?

I’ve been in the UK in 2014 with Asiago’s team to play the “Alladdin cup” in Dundee and Glasgow. In the last year I followed the British league because two of my friends (Sean Bentivoglio and Layne Ulmer) play in Cardiff. I know that the Elite league is growing day by day into a very strong hockey league.

Some fans may not realise the pressures that come with being an equipment manager, but we can assure them it’s a tough job. In your eyes, how important is the equipment manager’s role?

I think the role of the kit man is more or less on the same level as the coach’s role, and I think it’s fundamental to an ice hockey team.

What qualities do you believe are needed to become a good equipment manager?

First of all, you need a passion for hockey, to be able to be positive in every situation, work hard and be always be prepared.

What sort of things do you have to think about and look after on a day to day basis?

First of all I make sure that the locker room is nice and clean before the players arrive and then make sure that the players’ equipment is in perfect condition. If the players are looked after and happy, they will perform much better.

What experience do you bring to Milton Keynes and how do you think you can be a positive influence at the club?

I came from Asiago hockey team that in the last 4 years won the Italian championship, the Alps Hockey League,1 Supercup,1 Continental cup final, 1 World Championship with team Austria U18 women in 2018 and for the last three years I have worked for the Italian national hockey team too. I believe that all these experiences and successes can bring MK success too, I will work hard to make it happen.

What has been your highlight as an equipment manager so far in your career?

In general my attitude towards the sport. I am always positive with all the players and coaches that I work with and being a part of a winning team is hugely satisfying!

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